Seaquest Rewatch: Does It Hold Up?

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First off, I want to thank for helping me get this website back up. I’m sad to leave Dreamhost, but I’m looking forward to using Fatcow. I do highly recommend Dreamhost for those looking for hosting. But don’t pay full price: use a Hostgator coupon code. You can also check out DiscountGo: Voucher codes […]

The Biggest Sci-Fi Conventions & Promo Codes

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In your everyday life, you might have come across a book, television show, video game, or movie that captured your imagination. It excited you. Perhaps you shared it with your partner or friends, but they just didn’t get as excited about it as you did. You may have wondered to yourself, are there other people […]

How to use Stock Photo Coupons to Save on your Book Cover Design

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The Right Look: Stock Photos On A Budget They say we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the reality of things is, a lot of us do. Everyone who’s tried their hand at getting their writing out there quickly learns that. A book’s cover is what immediately grabs a potential reader’s attention, and […]

Star Trek: TNG Blu Ray

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Star Trek: TNG Blu Ray: How Does It Look? Season 5 of TNG has been released. I’ve been going through the new seasons to assess how the show holds up in 1080p definition. Obviously the Creative team behind Star Trek didn’t know that the medium of television would change so drastically in the new millenium. […]

Hello world!

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